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Rockabilly Cruella de Vil!

I’m sewing these for comicon next month - I’m normal Cruella, Kyle is genderbent and my little sister is our spotted poop - wish me luck on the coat!!


In the streets of the Algerian mock casba of the French Colonial Section of the Exposition Universelle of 1900, Paris


The Lined Leaf-tail Gecko has incredible camouflage to disappear into the forests of Madagascar!

It must be terrifying to wander through the woods only to suddenly find an angry branch hissing at you.

Image: David d’O/Frank Vassen/Bernard DUPONT

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floofs: the photoset

bonus points if you can tell me what birds i stole their plumage from

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Modern Pantheon

prints and the like at my society6

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Suncheon Bay is the biggest colony of reeds in Korea. Among all of the world’s wetlands, it is widely known for attracting the largest number of rare birds. There are about 140 species of birds. It is the first Korean coastal wetland to be registered on the list of The Ramsar Wetland on January 20, 2006. (source)




A Gallery of Dinosaurs & Other Early Reptiles
by David Peters, 1989

One of my favorite dinosaur books as a kid, David Peters’ illustrated Gallery of Dinosaurs is presented as a parade of prehistoric creatures, with modern humans observing and interacting for scale. Available as a free download on Peters’ website, the pages can easily be combined with Photoshop into large, continuous murals, as I have done here.

Peters has more recently been the recipient of much criticism from the scientific community for his controversial reconstructions of pterosaurs, but this book showcases his artistic talent and knowledge of dinosaurs, and remains a personal favorite.  It was one of the earliest introductions to baryonyx and carnotaurus in the popular media, and who else was drawing fully feathered deinonychus all the way back in 1989?  Some of the info is a bit dated, of course, but overall still holds up well and is definitely worth checking out.

Even the creators of the Jurassic Park action figures must have been fans; look at the dino figures in the Series II JP line: estemmenosuchus, scutosaurus, tanystropheus, ornithosuchus — it’s almost as if they just went right down the line for the first few pages of this book!

I really wish Peters wasn’t such a nutcase because his art is gorgeous and I want to see accurate, up-to-date art from him.

Has Peter’s actually ever done any art of his pterosaurs like this? I mean even though they’re totally ridiculous they’d make interesting subjects for artworks.




Doug Henderson

To my knowledge he doesn’t have an official page, but here’s his fb and Ebay store

Doug Henderson has an official page now.